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Once again the DC gang is pulling a major flanking action?

Taking your eyes off of the very very close Electoral Collage Process; and

as such will there be a Representative and Senator who will file the needed Objection

to raise the issue of the Incumbents Natural Born Status. There is still time to contact your

representative to demand such an objection (United States Code allowable) where by a demand

of proof before the congress to establish the credibility of the incumbent in meeting the

requirement of the Rule of Law. Amazingly in the weeks leading up to the 2012 November General Election

untold big Buck$ were spent telling you how Obama must be defeated! Where are the voices now especially

when the possibility of actually unseating and undoing so much of the damaging executive actions of the past 4 years.

Look at what is happening to the Hobby Lobby Chick Filet next and oh yes how about the congregation down the street

what is the next's time for a Congressional Objection to be filed ASAP.

What will you do to make it happen?


To the do something!!!

 Lean on DC!

Form the Line!



The Economic Power of The Southern States
by Cole Cleburne

Although GDP is not a perfect measure of economic power, the number can be used as a matter of comparison between states or in this matter, comparing southern states to other nations.

Many southerners simply cannot see themselves as separate from the union. This notion is based in part on the economic power of the current United States. No matter the fact our nation is in fiscal shambles, the current union still remains an economic powerhouse. How long this continues is a matter of debate, but as it deteriorates, the promise for a free south will continue to rise.

The image above (as taken from The Economist) using 2009 statistics, gives a comparison between U.S. states and nations of the world in economic output. If we look at this list this is where each southern state would rank (also using 2010 data, numbers displayed in millions, and world rank):

1. Texas 1,158,194 (13th) comparable to Russia

2. Florida 734,727 (17th) comparable to the Netherlands

3. Virginia 406,798 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

4. North Carolina 400,483 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

5. Georgia 396,177 (22nd) comparable to Sweden

6. Tennessee 246,669 (34th) comparable to Finland

7. Missouri 239,649 (34th) comparable to Finland

8. Louisiana 206,525 (38th) comparable to Ireland

9. Alabama 169,459 (43rd) comparable to Nigeria

10. South Carolina 158,487 (48th) comparable to the Phillipines

11. Kentucky 155,734 (48th) comparable to the Phillipines

12. Arkansas 102,219 (55th) comparable to Kazakhstan

13. Mississippi 96,135 (55th) comparable to Vietnam

14. West Virginia 60,491 (64th) comparable to Libya

If the newly independent south were to choose to band together in a new confederation the economic output and power of the south would be enough to rank it as the 4th largest economy in the entire world, just slightly behind Japan and China. As this site progresses I will further break down each state and look at it's economics as a standalone nation.


It is time to Get Off THe USS Titanic!


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Here is a thought- If you hate America so much that why don't you leave?  This country was created for the citizens so they could practive what ever religion they wish, to be able to vote, etc...

It is Nazi loving fascist like your self who are destroying America. 

I love how you use the economy stats of Pres. Obama's first year in office- you know the econnomoy at that point was completely devastated thanks to none other than the corrupt republicans in office. The ones who let Enron steal and run amok, the ones who encouraged wall street and thebankers to do what they will regardless of the impact or legalities.

I watched as millions of Americans lost everything thanks to the republican agenda to bankrupt and enslave the American citizens.

My relatives fought and died to keep the Nazi empire that folks like you support from taking over Europe and the world. Apparently we missed a few. Thanks to you republicans as soon as Bush sent our troops into battle this upstanding "Patriot" cut all their benefits including their health insurance.  Real "patriotic" of him but we shouldn't have expected anything less from a man who dodged going to war...

Won't even go into how Bush and his cronies created the TARP found to bail out for profit companies. Or the blank check given to Cheney's company Haliburton who then proceeded to rape the US Treasury.  What ever happened to the cargo plane for of CASH that Bush flew to Afghanistan that was "stolen" off the plane.  Yet Bush and the republicans never bothered to investigate where a plane full of pallets of money went.  But you have no problems with these things?

You are an uneducated racist. Please help save America and LEAVE.

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