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This case is a Petition to have the Social Security Administration obey the law and make public the Social Security Application of Harry J Bounel, born in 1890, who applied  and was approved for Social Security when he was 50 years old and living in New York City. The Social Security number received by Bounel is the same Social Security number that Obama is illegally and fraudulently using. The Social Security Administration has to provide the Social Security Application of anyone who is 120 years old, or older, without the need to prove the applicant's death. Bounel is or would be over 120 years old.

The Justice Dept., representing the Social Security Administration failed to file a Response to Taitz's Motion For Judgment. After the deadline passed, the Justice Department asked Judge Lamberth, the presiding judge, for permission to file a late Response (The Justice Department offered the excuse of "not understanding that they were required to Respond to the Taitz Motion.")

For some reason, Orly Taitz has not posted anything about whether judge Lamberth did or did not give permission to the Justice Department to file a late Response. For some reason, Taitz does not answer when I ask her about Lamberth's decision.

I am asking for your help in finding out whether Lamberth has or has not permitted the Justice Department to file a late Response. This is a very important case and Taitz is, finally,very close to legally proving that Obama is using a stolen Social Security number. Taitz has actually cornered the Social Security Administration and the Justice Department. Two of the documents she has submitted for Judicial Notice are federal government documents. It should be impossible for Lambert not to grant Judicial Notice to documents written by federal agencies. A grant of Judicial Notice would mean that these documents must be accepted by every federal and state court as evidence of unquestioned validity.This is a very important case. If Taitz gets the Bounel Application, she can prove that Obama has and is committing various felonies, including, but not limited to, Social Security fraud, Tax fraud, and mail fraud.

Please, do what you can to get and post information about Lamberth's decisions in this case. If Taitz succeeds, it will help to greatly strengthen the effect of the wonderful work done by the courageous Sheriff Arpiao and his brave investigator, Detective Mike Zullo.

Thanks for anything you can do.


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