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I don't know who to get this information to, that has been bothering me, I hope this is the right place.
I read that among the papers Obama put up included his selective service form. I was born in 1959, two years before him, and when I turned 18 I did not have to register because it had been canceled and there was no selective service at that time. I enlisted in the new all volunteer army of my own free will. Any male that was a US citizen, in the late 70s early 80s and was ages 16-25 would know that there wasn't selective service at that time and wouldn't forge one.

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The selective service registration was re introduced in 1980, you are correct the Draft registration
during the Vietnam war was stopped in 75, I joined the Marines in 79 so was already in the service
when it came to pass so I was exempt from registering due to already IN the service, as were you.

Hope this clears that up for you.

Semper Fi
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