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What happened to the 22-page criminal complaint filed with the FBI by document-imaging expert Doug Vogt?  Is the FBI going to ignore it?

Pissed-off inquiring minds want to know.

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Was I in a parallel dimension and the FBI criminal complaint did not even happen here??   :-(

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How about it anyone?  The last report is several weeks old.  This is the defining moment -- will the FBI uphold the damn law or will they cover this damn unknown-origin criminal?

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if i we're obama, i would have the fbi scrutinize the thing, and loudly proclaim the report from the mountaintops,... unless of course..

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unless of course ..... he's a constructed persona put in place to fullfill a treasonous mission against the United States.

You notice how many people related to this joker just up-and-die?  A girl he actually lived with as a child just died adding one more to the toll.....

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